2019: the year of change

2019 was a milestone year in my life. It’s where I went from being a student to an …adult? It certainly was a year of two parts – the first being filled with ‘lasts’; my last lecture, last exam, last dance competitions, last essay, etc. I wrote my dissertation, ended my Napier Dance presidency on a high and graduated the whole damn thing with a first and a couple medals, cya later education! If you wanna read more on that time of life, I have blog posts about being part of clubs at uni, my last dance show and how that made me feel, and what I really learned from uni.

Untitled collage (20).jpg

My summer was a bit of an interval with a bunhc of fun things in between. Spending some time at home, visiting my pal’s lambs and picking strawberries, going to Edinburgh Pride, walking my friends’ dogs, hanging out with new babas, volunteering at Rock Challenge, working on another busy Edinburgh Festival (Fringing and working EIF), and searching for a job.

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In terms of travel this year brought two wee London jaunts for pals and theatre, my big bad trip stateside for the first time to visit New York, Washington D.C., and Niagara Falls, and then a European jaunt to Budapest with my buda-best gals (sorry, but not sorry for that). I feel well lucky that I was able to go to so many places this year and make memories with great company! Travel blogs can be found here: London in Spring, and spending time in Shoreditch, travelling to New York, what I thought of the Broadway show I saw, Niagara Falls and Washington D.C., London in Autumn and of course Budapest!

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The autumn brought a whole new adventure in a whole new city in a whole new job and I started to have all the ‘firsts’; my first real big girl job, first desk of my own, my first PO book,managin my first marketing campaigns. I have been learning a lot, both on the job and about being in a new place. Making friends as an adult in a new city can be tricky but I’m working on it. Dundee is growing on me and I’m chuffed to have moved into a new flat with my lovely friend Grace and looking forward to settling into Dundee life and work for a while longer.

Untitled collage (20).jpg

I’m very much looking forward to 2020 and what that may bring. My goals include looking after myself, learning photography and to travel to more places!

With much regret – because it took a lot of work – I have been filming 1 second of video every day this 2019. Sounds fun to begin with but there are so many boring days or times where you forget that it ended up feeling like a chore. It’s probably a little boring unless you’re trying to spot yourself in the clips, but I think future me will enjoy looking back on this monumental year in my life. I defintiely won’t be doing it again, but that said, here’s my 2019!

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