Watch: Napier Dance Annual Show 2019

Recently had my last ever dance show in life and my latest blog post discusses how that makes me feel, so if you fancy a read, please do! This was a show with my university’s dance club which I have been a part of for four years and it finally came to an end. From being that wee first year who was just glad to keep dancing, to organising the show as the club’s President, I’ve definitely been on an amazing journey with the club and so proud of the show that brought it to the end.

With my solo this year I wanted to do something that was a celebration of my dancing life. Without necessarily meaning to, I’ve really celebrated each aspect of my style throughout my Napier solos. In first year I improvised a contemporary piece (didn’t plan to improvise but it was problem solving on the day), second year was a dramatic mash up of contemporary and jazz type stuff (which is my fave one ever), and then last year I danced to some of my fave indie-pop tunes and it was all happy and fun! This year I wanted to continue fun but also represent my sassier side and so I created this commercial jazz piece to one of my favourite drag songs!

My other piece of choreography this year was for our Jazz Competition Team! I had such a hard time trying to find a song I hadn’t danced to yet and didn’t want to choose an obvious song. After a lot of Spotify trawling, I eventually came across Horns and it felt right. I enjoyed how powerful and fierce this dance was and I definitely learned a lot about how sometimes less can be more. My Jazz girls picked up 1st, 2nd and 2nd across the comp season which made me real proud!

This year I was also part of the Contemporary Competition Team which was choreographed by the wonderful Freya Donnelly. I loved dancing this routine and being part of this group was pretty stress free and fun. We picked up 1st, 1st, 3rd, 3rd this year which was amazing!

My favourite class routine of the year was our Advanced Jazz which was to one of my favourite songs from my favourite musical Dreamgirls! I genuinely do not think I could have smiled more whilst dancing this and was truly getting my disco life.

I also loved dancing our contemporary class routine which had such a fun, easy vibe. It’s a feeling I’ve never performed with contemporary before but it felt so satisfying.

Also did a wee bit of tap which felt like a wee bit of Irish, an enjoyable mashup!

And a wee bit of ballet! Always fun to chuck on the tulle and the ballet pumps.

This one is a bit messy because it was learned in one day but it was SO much fun to dance! Getting my Strictly Come Dancing fantasy and just boogieing with all our dance family!

Hope you enjoy watching, I know I will be looking back on these over time. I’m so glad that my last performance was filled with so many enjoyable and varied dances.

Dance love x

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