The final bow for this childhood dancer

A couple weeks ago I had my last dance show with my university team. And as much as graduation is supposed to signify my move into adult life, I think it’s closing the book on my dancing life that feels like the gateway between my childhood and adulthood.

Since I was an over-energetic toddler, I have been in the studio dancing my energy out. From baby ballet to highland dancing, to competing for 10 years in disco freestyle and gymnastics, to the theatrical madness of Rock Challenge and then coming to uni and having the chance to do a bit of everything; jazz, contemporary, tap, ballet, modern, hip hop, commercial, you name it! For as long as I can remember my life has revolved around my dance goals and I have loved every second of it. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for dancing. It sure has been a fun 17 years!

I fully credit my memory, my adaptability and my work ethic to dance. I had to learn how to manage my time so that I could get all my homework done alongside class and rehearsal. From the habit of doing new sequences in each class I have gotten pretty quick at picking things up. Choreographing and teaching have taught me a lot about creativity, working with others and leadership. Having that regular physical activity has done wonders for my mental health, it’s such a relief to have somewhere to escape and take my mind off any worries. Plus it’s kept me fit and entertained over the years. I can’t begin to imagine the person I would be without all these qualities dance has given me.

I will always always dance, there’s no way I could be without it (normal exercise is way too boring), but I just don’t think it will be towards anything other than enjoyment. There will be no competitions, no exams and no shows to be preparing for, it will just be dancing for dance sake and that is alright with me. I will definitely miss the feeling of being part of a team but I’m also ready to shed the obligations and pressure (even if I did love that too). It just feels like a new stage in life where dance can be 100% about fun and I can’t wait to get my carefree boogie on!

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