3 years of blogging

It’s been three years now of What Katie Did Next and I feel like I’m really hitting my stride. This has been a busy year finishing my degree and now stepping out into the big bad world but I find myself more inspired to write than ever and my list of draft posts is huge! So many ideas for content that I actually forgot that I reached this milestone in August. So it’s a little late but here’s my annual blog birthday post where I evaluate my lil site and what I’ve been getting up to here.

My blog continues to be a source of release for me and something I love to do. It also continues to prompt me to get out and explore the world, to do interesting things, and to take a moment to reflect on my life. It is also a great tool for me professionally, to be in the practise of writing and sharing my content. It’s a great example of what I can do as a content creator in a marketing capacity, even though it’s just me enjoying myself.

Recently I’ve decided to have a go at making my blog more professional so I set up a Facebook page to share my posts rather than just my own personal account. My hope with this is that I might gain followers outwith my friendship circles and generally it just makes me look more legit. I’ve also changed my Twitter and Instagram handles to reflect my blog – all tying together as my online blogger profile. Disclaimer: I know you might be thinking ‘who do you think you are?’ and trust me, I do too, but the thing I think too is that if social media is all just a polished representation of yourself I may aswell tie it all up in this project that I enjoy! You can find me on  Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/whatkatiedidnext.blog/ and I would really appreciate it if you give the page a like! If you shared it with your friends who might like the sort of things I write about, that would be even better!! My Twitter and Instagram is @whtkatiedidnxt if you wanna peep that too.

So here’s a snapshot of how this here blog’s been doing in 2018/19. In the last year I’ve written 35 blog posts about all sorts of things, I’ve had 3,990 visitors to my site from 65 countries across the world, giving me a grand total of 6,066 post views! It still blows my frickin mind that people even want to read my posts, let alone that many. The thing I find most interesting to look at is the range of countries across the world that have found their way to my wee blog. Of course the UK is the highest readership, followed by the US and Australia, but I even have the odd view from places like Argentina, Thailand, Hong Kong and surprisingly quite a few from Vietnam! I’m pleased to see that my stats have improved this year which means I’m heading in the right direction!

Most popular posts of 2018-19
1. Questionable Glee moments…
2. Badly behaved theatre audiences
3. My favourite city spots | Edinburgh
4. Atypical on Netflix
5. The final bow for this childhood dancer

This year I also passed the milestone of my 100th blog and didn’t even realise! We’re now on 120 so I guess that ship has sailed. My blog has been such a source of fun for me in the last three years and in that time it’s also seen a crazy 10.3k visitors and 17.6k post views – honestly unbelievable! So I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has ever popped on to see What Katie Did Next!

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