Questionable Glee moments…

Like everyone since Netflix started streaming it, I’ve been re-watching Glee. That wonderful nostalgia filled period of time where apparently my young and naive stagey self was ready to accept anything the writer’s presented. This time around, I’m older, wiser and far more sceptical and have found myself saying what the actual £$*”?? more times than I remembered from before. Don’t get me wrong, Glee is still pure gold, but I find myself feeling differently about some characters this time around. Mr Schu was such an inappropriate teacher, my love Rachel Berry was an idiot near the end and honestly the best characters in there are Santana and Sue. It’s a little all over the place but these were all my thoughts throughout the rewatch. Let’s discuss the WTFs…

Firstly, in what world did they think that performing Push It in front of the entire school would make them look cool?


Literally whyyyyy would you pick The Thong Song for your first dance?

They talk about the school treating them like losers and thinking they’re not cool and the slushies shows that too but then it makes no sense when they regularly have the cheerleaders volunteering to be their backing dancers and that every time they perform at assemblies they get standing ovations from a screaming crowd of their peers???


Remember the time they invited the deaf choir to perform at their school, made them all watch their (fairly radge) performance of Hair and then when the deaf kids start their performance they proceed to watch their performance for about 2 seconds before singing over them and jumping up to join in – like I know it was supposed to be sweet and inclusive but it feels more like rudeness…

Did they truly believe that a 12 person Journey medley was gonna be enough to beat the huge choir of semi-professional National Champions at their first ever competition?

They spend weeks “preparing” loads of different numbers for competition that are often better staged, choreographed and more exciting than what they stage at the competitions – why? Where did the cool costumes and sets go? Also isn’t spending ages staging full productions of numbers you’re not going to use a big waste of your time? Why do you buy costumes and set for a rehearsal?

How can the team afford to stay in NYC for so many days before the competition starts?And why the hell do they only start writing their competition songs for their Nationals setlist once they get there?

They return to compete as the National Champs and their setlist was so boring – More Than A Feeling, America, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – how did they even get 2nd place?

Why did no-one ever teach them how to act more professionally? Especially for the ones who claimed that performing was going to be their career. Surely Rachel and Kurt at least should have had that explained to them at that NYADA prep course thing they did?

Then regardless of professional plans, someone needs to explain the concept of castability for auditions. The kids audition for the school musical with songs that have nothing to do with the type of song they’d be singing in the show.


And then when they did that mattress commercial, the Glee club literally get hired for their first ever professional commercial job, then read the script once before suggesting a completely different (and more expensive) idea because they want to sing copyrighted music. Yes, it was fun but the company probably did not have the budget for that and also what is it about them that they cannot follow instructions and do the job they’ve been given?

New York
How the hell Rachel get into NYADA? She screwed up her audition, stalked the principal, and then somehow gets in to the ‘most prestigious college in NYC’?? She’s good but come on. Also why would the principal of said performing arts institution tour around America to pick out a gal because of her singing Paradise By The Dashboard Light in a show choir competition and then let her into an MT course??


She also should probably not have been cast in Funny Girl – she sang (yet again) a journey song and suddenly gets cast in classical musical theatre? For a student half way through her first year of training?

The unprofessionalism of Rachel Berry is next level – we’re told she is relentless and works hard to make it in her dreams but she has never learned that behaving appropriately is the key to keeping your job. She screws up her NYADA audition, stalks the principal and somehow gets in from a show choir competition performance, in less than a year she quits college to star in a Broadway revival which she then quits after great reviews and less than 6 months to pursue a TV show in LA which subsequently fails – then is sad about it, and rightly so, you deserve it after that BS gal.

Season 6
So despite the big Gleek that I was back in the day I had actually never watched the 6th and final season before? I was happy thinking that the end of season 5 was where we left it, optimistic as everyone all went off on their different paths… But no, they made another season just to fk up the characters a little bit more.

First of all, how have all the people who left school suddenly lived an entire adult life in less than one year of college? I don’t buy it – change doesn’t come that fast. Also I do not see how so many high school graduates are suddenly hired in real adult jobs despite having zero qualifications or experience?
They also all visit home way too often for them to have that kind of life away from it. How can they all afford to travel back to Ohio that often? I visited home to see everyone and help my performing arts club when I was at uni but it was very rare cause you have a life to live.

How is directing an afterschool club even a job anyway?

Craziness aside the all-too-perfect where are they now brings such a cheesy end to the show and it’s nice to imagine all their dreams coming true I suppose!


All the above aside, Glee is still loads of fun and there’s still so much to love about it. Hilariously over the top characters, fun musical performances, and still a lot of moments that made me wanna cry because despite the crazy tella novela style drama, you do still care about the characters!

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