Chippie 2.0 | Six by Nico Edinburgh

Last weekend I was very happy to take a trip to my favourite restaurant Six By Nico to try their Chippie 2.0 menu. This was my 6th trip so it felt quite special and as always I was blown away by the quality of the food, the dining experience and the incredible value for money, plus it was great to spend an evening of foodie fun with some wonderful company. If you want to hear about my past trips to Six By Nico, you can read all about it here.

The concept of Six By Nico is that they do a six course tasting menu along a theme which changes every six weeks. As usual I followed the vegetarian menu for the most part but swapped in some of the non-veggie courses when I was ready to cheat and we also had the wine pairings because why not?

The first step was the Seaside aperitif, on the chippie fork is a sherbet you stir into the drink and it fizzes up, lots of fun and the cocktail was sweet and delicious.
Course number one was their take on Chips & Cheese, a goats cheese espuma (like foamy liquid cheese) and a salt and vinegar croquette.
Then came the Cauliflower Beignet deep fried on a bed of peas and deliciousness.
The third course Steak Pie was so tender it was unreal.
Then the utlimate Fish Supper was served.
This was a sweet potato, feta and spinach Cannelloni that came under a cloche of smoke which was exciting and delicious.
And finally my first ever Deep Fried Mars Bar (although a little boujier) the chocolate cremaux was so rich and delicious.

I don’t know how much more I can rave about it but everything was just so good and I had such a fun night exploring a very boujie chippie dinner. I will always recommend!

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