Six by Nico | Edinburgh

Six by Nico is hands down my favourite restaurant. They do 6-course themed tasting menus that change every 6 weeks. The thing I love about it is you’re able to eat the most gloriously delicious food at a really accessible price point and the environment isn’t so stuffy you feel like you don’t belong. It’s all-round good vibes. I would advise that you book in advance to avoid disappointment as it’s quite a wee restaurant that a lot of people love.
For me, Six by Nico is for a special occasion. It’s super affordable for what you get but it is a little on the pricey side for your average dinner out. I really respect their service and appreciate how much they look after me – for example, starting us off with free fizz on my birthday.
The 6 courses are on a set menu and you can also choose to add wine pairings to the courses (which is so worth it). They have a vegetarian menu too and if you wanted to you can alternate between the two. Here’s the menus I’ve experienced so far…

Best of 2018


Thai Street Food

Guilty Pleasures

The Alps

Chippie 2.0

Amalfi Coast


Each time I go is better than the time before, Nico accumulatively gets more delicious and still so worth the money. It’s amazing how they can take simple ingredients and make them taste SO good. How can you go back to normal food after that? I can’t wait to see (and taste) what they do next.

Six by Nico | 97 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1DJ |
They also have restaurants in Glasgow, London, Belfast, Manchester and Liverpool.

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