Cocktail & Spaghetti Masterclass | Boozy Events x PASTA Aberdeen

When I heard about the opporunity to take part in a pasta and cocktail masterclass from the comfort of my own home I was like heeeell yeah! The event was a pairing of Aberdeen businesses Boozy Events and PASTA Aberdeen, so last night I whipped up a “Summer Thyme” cocktail and some Spaghetti al Limone. It was the absolute perfect thing just now in lockdown but would also be an amazing thing to do when you just can’t be bothered going out. The experience cost £39.95 and included delivery of the ingredients to make cocktails and dinner for two as well as some fancy coffee and tiramasu for dessert.

I booked online ahead of time and then all the ingredients were hand delivered to my front door in the afternoon. The evening rolled around and we joined the team and our fellow participants on Zoom to get cracking. We started off by mixing the Summer Thyme cocktail as an aperitif. The cocktail involved gin, strawberry syrup, lemon juice and thyme and it was super refreshing. The tutorial to make this was deftly guided by Boozy Events Founder Cammy who was really clear, informative and fun so you could definitely succeed even if you’ve never held a cocktail shaker before and have a great time!

Then the charismatic Francesco from PASTA taught us how to make the Spaghetti al Limone. He was full of top pasta tips so we learned a lot and made this beautifully simple pasta dish. The spaghetti was fresh made by Francesco earlier that morning then with his help we transformed it into dinner along with a creamy lemony sauce. The evening was perfectly rounded off with dessert (without the effort of having to make it myself) tiramasu which was really great.

In fact the whole evening was totally *chef’s kiss*. I’d totally recommend keeping an eye out for more events like this in the future.

Find out more about Boozy Events here

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