Loch Lomond | Roadtripping Scotland

I’ve been going a bit stir crazy being stuck at home so the minute Nicola lifted the travel ban, I was looking into where I could adventure to. So then I grabbed my keys, my best friend and my camera and headed to the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.

We were very lucky to have a lovely day. The sun was out and the rain stayed off so what more could you want from Scotland? It was also nice that even though it was a nice day, everywhere we went wasn’t crowded with loads of people so we didn’t feel any rona anxiety.

It was a really easy drive to Loch Lomond from Edinburgh taking us about an hour and a half to get to our first stop to climb Duncryne Hill for this beaut view of the Loch from above.

A view of Loch Lomond from up a hill, in the foreground there are green plants and bushes and in the distance we can see mountains

Duncryne Hill is pretty easy to climb – it takes about 15 minutes to get to the top. There’s a walking path that’s easy to follow and while at times it’s a little steep you’ll be absolutely fine even without hiking boots. To find the gate to the path and somewhere to park navigate to 56.0377, -4.5174. When we reached the top we sat down to have a wee picnic and to take in the view.

Now that we had taken the high road (so to speak), it was time for the low road! We got back in the car and drove along the banks of the Loch. And it is true what they say, it is very bonnie. All along the banks there are loads of places where you can pull off the road and park to have a look at the views, but we decided to take our pitstop at the Inveruglas Visitor Center where the view was breathtaking.

Looking over Loch Lomond, there are some mountains in the distance and a small white boat coming towards the camera

After that we continued driving around Loch Lomond – I have to admit it is somewhat distracting for the driver cause you just want to look at it all the time but obviously focussing on the road is more important! Our third stop was possibly our favourite I think. Tucked away in Callander is the beautiful Bracklinn Falls.

There is a small waterfall with water crashing downwards. Brown large rocks to the side lead up to green plants and trees

Again this one was pretty easy to access with the falls being a 15 minute walk away from the car park. I think the coolest thing is that there are so many huge rocks nearby so you’re able to get up close to the falls rather than having to look at them from a distance. It was so serene and calming to be sitting in the sunshine and listening to the water. Of course, it’s also SO beautiful so we were getting very snap-happy.

A waterfall going down several small layers (or steps) created by the rocks, large rocks and trees frame the water

I really enjoyed having the chance to go and find somewhere new and to have something different to photograph (putting my new lockdown skills to the test). It’s always nice to remind yourself how impossibly beautiful Scotland is. The question is where do I adventure to next? If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments!

If you’re interested in checking out these spots I’ve added our route map below and if there’s any further info you need to make it happen, just shoot me your question(s).

Our route from Edinburgh

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