100 things to do in lockdown

Well shit, we’ve been in official lockdown for 100 days! Who could’ve imagined, eh? We’ve been fighting the boredom for a long time but there’s still a while to go so here’s 100 suggestions for things you could do with yourself…

  1. Read Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge
  2. Take a walk somewhere new and try to take photos of some pretty things from at least 5 different angles (you might surprise yourself)
  3. Try to make yourself a chinese takeaway at home – my latest triumph was this hoisin plum braised pork
  4. Watch Liza Minnelli’s 1972 concert Liza With A Z on Amazon Prime
  5. Get up and have a big stretch
  6. Have a cocktail night (my personal fave was margarita night)
  7. Take a free course from The Open University
  8. Listen to Dissect podcast (Season 6 deconstructs Beyoncé’s Lemonade)
  9. Go for a litter pick up walk
  10. Have a Games Night (either use the board games you’ve got or get an app that lets you play online with your friends, we use the Cluedo and Ticket to Ride apps)
  11. Watch the Disclosure documentary on Netflix
  12. Teach yourself how to crochet or cross stitch
  13. Spend some time hanging out with the people you live with (sans distractions)
  14. Plan for things you want to do in the future
  15. Find a good spot to watch the sunset
  16. The Classic: get going on Duolingo (and don’t give up!)
  17. Research that thing that fascinates you
  18. Play with your pet or dream about your options on the RSPCA website
  19. Watch Black and Scottish on BBC iPlayer
  20. Bake an apple pie, or cookies, or scones, or all of the above
  21. Binge Schitts Creek
  22. Clean your goddamn mirror
  23. Sing a song at the top of your lungs
  24. Go on a bike ride
  25. Get some fresh bed sheets on
  26. Try writing something – a poem, short story, blog post, letter, anything!
  27. Watch The Eurovision Movie on Netflix
  28. Write a letter telling your bestie how much they mean to you
  29. Take a book and read somewhere nice and different
  30. Spend a day without your phone
  31. Attempt a drag makeover on yourself, or someone you’re living with
  32. Write a list of the 5 places you want to travel to next
  33. Make up a dance routine to your favourite song
  34. Homemade hair salon (at your own risk) cut, dye, cry…
  35. Watch 13th on Netflix
  36. Read about the icon that is Josephine Baker
  37. Learn something new on Skillshare
  38. Go through your wardrobe and pick out things to do a fashion show over video call with friends
  39. Try to do a headstand
  40. Take all the personality tests – my faves are here
  41. Paint a picture
  42. Do a work out with makeshift dumbbells (I have 2L bottles of Baileys and a backpack full of heavy books on the go)
  43. Have a Champagne vineyard tour – learn about the production of champagne here and check out the vineyard here
  44. Read The Radium Girls by Kate Moore
  45. Make a Tik Tok account and make some videos
  46. Binge watch Smash
  47. Give yourself a pamper day at your home spa – facemasks, bubble bath, do your nails, the works!
  48. Tune in to a theatre live stream – I have plenty recommendations here
  49. Go outside and take 10 deep breaths
  50. Make a scrapbook to reminisce on the good times
  51. Update your CV
  52. Watch Hamilton on Disney+
  53. Everyone is at it, give your garden a lil spruce up
  54. And whilst you’re doing your chores, clear out your cupboards
  55. Check out the many creative tasks set in Where Are You Dundee?
  56. Treat yourself to an afternoon of Queer Eye and gentle crying at the cuteness
  57. Make a rank list of your favourite topic (I had fun making a musicals one)
  58. Set up your own music festival thanks to the Glastonbury sets on BBC iPlayer
  59. Get all dressed up just for the sake of it
  60. Start a lil herb garden in your kitchen
  61. Teach yourself the dance to Daði Freyr’s Think About Things (which would have won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest
  62. Transform your living room into a cinema (make your own concession stand, build a fort, whatever suits your fancy) and have a movie marathon
  63. Listen to the Beautiful Anonymous podcast
  64. Follow the no bullsh*t home workout guide from nobs (my thoughts on the programme are here)
  65. Another classic, make a loaf of bread
  66. You can take a virtual tour of Rome
  67. Or take a digital stroll throught the MoMA, Musée D’Orsay, Tate Modern or the British Museum
  68. Sign up for a remote cocktail making class with Boozy Events
  69. Clear out your email inbox – and unsub from all of those promotional emails you don’t want!
  70. Get yourself to the beach and breathe in the sea air (and if you can’t, here’s a beach live stream so you can replicate the experience anywhere)
  71. Do a Scavenger Hunt in your own house – The Big Smoke Events have already organised it for you!
  72. Have a picnic, or a BBQ, or both!
  73. Learn Sign Language
  74. Clean your make up brushes
  75. Call someone you miss and have a chat
  76. Get a colouring book and give your mind a break (I particularly like those sweary ones)
  77. Recreate your favourite place in the Sims, my favourite example of this was His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen recreated by Matthew Rose
  78. Get some hand cream on those frequently washed hands
  79. Learn how to make face masks
  80. Set up a Come Dine With Me style competition with the people you live with
  81. Have your own sports day! When the weather is nice you can meet with pals for socially distant eggs and spoon and sack races
  82. Rearrange your furniture
  83. Listen to The Happiness Lab podcast (serving scientific facts about how to be happier)
  84. Have a vaccuming dance party with your headphones on blast
  85. Learn how to make pasta from scratch from an Italian granny
  86. Start running (not my personal jam, but I’ve heard that Couch to 5k is a good start)
  87. Get up early (or just stay up really late) to watch the sun rise
  88. Make a new playlist to suit your mood(s)
  89. Have a karaoke night over video call with your pals
  91. Read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid
  92. Watch Pose (on Netflix and BBC iPlayer)
  93. Upcycle an item of clothing (replace the buttons, tie dye, anything you want)
  94. Make homemade pizza with all your favourite toppings
  95. Have a Netflix Party or Disney+ Party
  96. Make yourself a banging hot chocolate with all the fixings
  97. Watch an old Hollywood musical
  98. Have a tidy out of your camera roll
  99. Hug someone you love (and if you’re living alone, don’t worry, give yourself a big squeeze)
  100. Don’t pressure yourself, just do whatever the fk you want cause now you have the time.

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