2018: the year of work

As 2018 comes to an end we all pop on our reflective hats to look back on everything that happened in that period of time. So what has 2018 been for me? I would definitely say it’s been a career year, as I’ve spent most of the year working. That’s not a bad thing at all as I have been so grateful for every opportunity I’ve had but it has me rounding off the year as an exhausted little zombie!

I spent the first half of the year working in the stunning Lyceum on my uni placement and loving every second, to then working non stop during the Fringe Festival, to then going straight into my 4th and final year of uni so it’s been pretty relentless!

Versus last year’s round up I have no big holidays to talk about other than the usual theatrical weekend in London and a small dalliance in Stratford. Oh, and then a second speedy trip back down to London for Hamilton! I really wish this year I had had the chance to take a holiday that was actually relaxing, but we can only dream for next year. I’m so excited to be home for two whole weeks at Christmas but even this is gonna be a bit hectic with fitting in all those catch ups back home and still having to work on my dissertation over the festive period. Nevertheless, I’m glad to be back home and away from work for a little while!

As always Dance has been a highlight of my year with 2017/18 drawing to an epic close and then starting off 2018/19 as President! I’m so pleased with how our first semester has gone with a beautiful new studio, new teachers, loads of new members to join our family and lots of fun new memories. I’m so excited to see how the competitions, show and everything else unfolds in the New Year but also trying not to think about how soon it’ll all be over!

In addition to all that, I also saw PARC smash it at the Rock Challenge National Final, compered my first Rock Challenge event in Motherwell, ran a 10k for Macmillan Cancer, and also did a photo shoot for them with alpacas (sounds random, is true, still don’t get it, still glad it happened), waved goodbye to my teens and turned 20, boogied away at Sports and Socs ball, became a potions master at a Harry Potter pop up bar, embarassingly cried my eyes out because I was shocked to win Best Dancer at Newcastle Uni’s competition,  went to my first Pride march, spent many inhumanly hot days in the Meadows because we actually had a real summer in Scotland, saw Beyoncé again (with Jay Z this time!), got my Gold Rock Challenge Volunteer badge, overloaded on Fringe shows, saw Biffy Clyro again, served my best Darcey Bussell as a judge at our Strictly fundrasier, got glittered up by a Kinky Boots angel at a press night I coordinated, and as always danced my way through it all!

It’s been a long, busy, hard working year but rewarding in a lot of ways. I think this year has taught me a lot about trying to limit what I commit myself to so that my health doesn’t suffer because I never let my brain and body recover. Hopefully I’ll manage to remember that with this new year. I’m looking forward to an exciting 2019 – dance competitions, dissertation, dance show, graduation, my first holiday to America, and then who knows? Hopefully employment! Fingers crossed for some good adventures…

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