For those 4th year meltdowns…

This post is a reminder for myself for when I have another one of those 4th year meltdowns, which will inevitably happen a few more times within the next 7 months. If any of my 4th year pals are also going through it, I hope this post can remind you to chill out and have some perspective and if any of my graduated pals have tips for how to survive this year, please let me know!

It comes in waves

Throughout the university experience people have always talked about how difficult your fourth and final year of your degree is and I promise you that hype is real. More than any other year of uni you can feel a definite shift in the amount of work you have to do. Where before there was time to chill out, there now seems to be a neverending list of things to do that requires your constant attention, and if you happen to be doing anything else the guilt trip is real. I don’t think I have a spare moment now when I’m not either trying to squeeze in more reading/writing or feeling guilty about not doing that.

Let’s be real, there is loads of stuff that needs to be done within 9 months you are a 4th year, so no wonder its stressful. Piled on top of that is the pressure that it all actually matters. Well, in a way it does, but in another way it doesn’t. The same way that no-one cares what grade you got in your highers then, not often will people care what grade you get at the end of this. But hey, a large portion of the pressure is also self inflicted because it’s what you want for yourself (an admirable yet painful endeavour).

Whilst this is all very stressful, it’s important to remember that it is all do-able. It can feel overwhelming to look at the amount of things you have to do but it isn’t impossible. Literally hundreds of thousands of people manage to do it every year and as much as you stress about x, y, z deadlines, you do still meet them.

The main things to remember are:

  1. You actually are so capable
  2. Overstressing isn’t helping anyone
  3. The panic comes in waves, it will pass and you’ll feel in control again (until you don’t, and repeat!)
  4. Just get it done
  5. It’s so so close to being over! 

I cannot wait for it to be over…

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