I’ve seen some good films recently…

I have been to the cinema three times in two weeks which is quite a lot for me. Each film was very different but all great in their own ways. Firstly I had the comedy of satirical thriller A Simple Favour, then the serious compelling drama of The Wife and finally the musical heartbreak of A Star is Born. So here are my thoughts…

A Simple Favour
I came into this expecting a Gone Girl-esque thriller/mystery situation but did not expect to be so gripped and entertained by A Simple Favour. The film was brilliantly surprising. I laughed way more than I thought I would, in fact you sort of sputter-laugh a good few times because the characters are such absurd caricatures of their tropes that it’s funny because it’s so exaggerated. Blake’s character is so beyond the cool, mysterious enigma and Anna’s character is the uber-organised, dorky super mom. Marion and I were saying that at first you’re like whoa this is so unrealistic but really that’s what’s so good about it because the whole film has this kind of ridiculous but realistic vibe to it. (Side note, I live for every outfit Blake’s character wears in the film, no-one ever dresses like that but damn she looked freaking cool).
The ridiculous nature of the film and its light-heartedness actually aid to mystery rather than detract from it because you’re never really sure if it’s serious or just a joke. While some of the twists and turns in the narrative seem predictable, it then brings around a few extra twists to completely screw up your expectations. You’re gripped because when you think you know what’s happening, you actually don’t. Perfect for the know-it-all who thinks she has mysteries down pat. There were a few moments where we were like nah wtf but that’s the fun of it.
I really enjoyed this film and would actually really like to rewatch it now knowing what the outcome is to see how many signs there were (or not). Go see it!

The Wife
This movie is about a man who wins the Nobel Prize for Literature but it turns out that he was actually being ghost written all along by his talented wife who felt no-one would publish or read her writing in the 50’s because she was a woman. It’s a tale of feminism and ego trips of masculinity, lies and pride and the complications of a marriage and career intertwined. It felt very realistic although I can’t seem to find any indication that it’s based on a true story.
Glenn Close is a freaking mastermind of an actress and her performance in this film is peak Glenn as the subtly breaks down from acting as the supportive nondescript wife to having enough of the charade to continuing it again in the sake of legacy. In the midst of it all you see the greatest honour, a Nobel Prize, being insignificant against the personal troubles of this broken relationship. It’s good stuff.

A Star is Born
I knew I was going to like this one because it really is my taste but damn it was good. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are so freaking good (who knew Cooper had those pipes?) The soundtrack is so strong I really want to listen it all again already, I especially loved the music with Jack’s band, they were really freaking cool, in fact all the cinematography for those band scene were awesome, I loved it. Lady Gaga is such a queen, her voice is so brilliant and their acting as a couple was great, the chemistry and the heartbreak and all that jazz. My MVP of the film is that gorgeous dog, I want him! Having not seen the previous versions of this film I wasn’t sure where the story was gonna go but it’s not like it’s the most unique concept but I really enjoyed it because of the quality of the film. I had heard from friends that it was a weepy one and me being the most emotional person in the world I was really bracing myself for it and that moment (no spoilers, but if you know, you know) had me tearing up quite a lot but the thing that always gets me is the reactions of the people who grieve so that last song was emosh. Ah it was so beautiful and leaving the cinema I was feeling a little delicate so I’m gonna go lie down and try to forget these fictional people… Until I watch it again.


Side note: when Marion and I were in the cinema there literally wasn’t a film trailer that we didn’t want to see which is pretty damn impressive. Really looking forward to tons of films coming up so I went home to find out when they all come out! If you’re wondering; Bohemian Rhapsody, The Hate U Give, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, Mary Poppins Returns, Mary Queen of Scots and Colette. Lord save my bank account but who knows this might be the year for an unlimited card cause damn.

What other films are coming up that you fancy? Let me know!

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