Watch: Napier Dance Annual Show 2018 | my choreography

The Napier Dance show was just less than a month ago and had an insane 30 numbers in it but they are all so exciting you can watch them all here. But just as an easy way to share all of my creations I’ve put my choreography into this handy blog post!

The choreography I’m probably most proud of was the piece I created as Contemporary team captain for competitions. Who doesn’t love Hamilton? Wait For It is such a special song and I really think that on some level every person can relate to the Burr dilemma of wishing you had more confidence to reach out and grab whatever it is you are trying to achieve.

Teaching my Jazz class this year has been so much fun, I have loved trying to share my knowledge and skills whilst also creating fun dances that are enjoyable and people seemed to enjoy them (I think, I hope). Also you can’t go wrong with Muse…

Also really happy with this piece with the Contemporary team that we performed at Strictly and now we have a nice, clear, new video to watch of it. This music was just so much fun to play around with musicality and I think it looks pretty cool.

Funny story, I’ve actually done a different solo to this Chvrches song before for a charity concert back home which was choreographed by my amazing friend Georgia but it was years ago and with no videos I really cannot remember the choreo so I took another bash at it cause I really love the song and this time there is a video…

You can watch the whole show here! Also if you want further reading on Napier Dance this year you can read my blog posts about the show and end of year celebrations or all our achievements at the Team Napier ball. Dance love x

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