Dancing on the frost | This Girl Can

A week or two ago I was asked by our Napier Dance Marketing Officer, Nelli, if I would meet her in the Meadows at 8am for a wee dancey photoshoot. In Scotland, in November, this may seem a little crazy but it was definitely worth it! The reason we decided to take these shots were part of our participation in the This Girl Can campaign.

This Girl Can is a celebration of active women who are doing their thing no matter how well they do it, how they look or even how red their face gets. The official campaign is funded by The National Lottery and developed by Sport England, who wants to help women overcome the fear of judgement that is stopping too many women and girls from joining in. Naturally this organisation gets involved through organised groups like schools and universities. Napier Dance was encourage by our students association to find a project to raise awareness for the campaign and to appreciate the amazing abilities of all that we girls can do. Obviously, this is a campaign that I support because, what’s not to love here? Girl power!

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The wonderful Nelli decided to create a series of portraits across Edinburgh with 6 of our dancers and somehow she managed to organise all of these shoots in alongside her hectic 4th year uni schedule and dance itself. I don’t know how she does it but I think it’s pretty easy to see that she’s quite the photographer. Napier Dance was able to scour the city and I’m sure plenty of the people passing by were amused by our public boogie-ing. Regardless of the campaign, the images are a stunning showcase of dance and Edinburgh as a location and I could genuinely look at these images all day.  Hats off to my fellow dancers Aisha, Lily, Lydia, Freya and Emma. Ladies, you are so talented and inspiring to me ❤

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Nelli is awesome and creates some beautiful images and videos for Napier Dance so be sure to follow our social media accounts so that you don’t miss anything! We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

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