Burning the candle at both ends

You know when you make yourself so busy that you get used to feeling tired and then evetually your body and immune system starts breaking down as its natural way to calm the heck down?  That has been my life recently, and it’s made me realise that I really have to value my down time.

I say this because I’ll never stop being the person that takes on a lot of things to do, and I really do love being busy (it’s much more interesting than the opposite). I just need to make sure that I give myself a rest period between these crazy bursts of activity.

This past week I have felt like a bit of a zombie, still going along to my uni lectures, work and dance classes but still not feeling 100% present, it took me quite a few days to recover from the intensity of Strictly prep but after a chilled weekend with my Dad down to visit, I finally feel like me again! I have recharged and am ready to tackle these last 5 weeks of semester before Christmas break. I can’t quite believe how quickly this year has come and gone!


So here are my top 5 tips to remind myself (and for anyone else who suffers the same sort of serial time-commitment that I do):

  1. Get a proper night’s sleep. Don’t stay up just because it’s you’re only ‘me’ time you have as those missed hours of slumber will catch up on you.
  2. Eat and drink plenty of meals throughout your busy schedule. The car doesn’t go unless you put fuel in it, so proper meals are the key to maintaining your energy.
  3. As much as you schedule your time away to meetings, classes, rehearsals and whatever else, make sure there is at least one day a week where you can dedicate time to a little TLC; watching your fave TV programme, taking a bubble bath, reading your book, etc.
  4. Make a to do list and prioritise. Make sure you get done what really needs done. Especially if it’s time sensitive – don’t leave assignments or choreography to the last minute because you know you will be stressed.
  5. Enjoy the end product of each of your projects before jumping back in to the next one that’s coming up. There’s no point working this hard if you don’t get to reap the rewards of your efforts, so breathe, smile, then get back to business!


I’m not really sure if anyone else will appreciate this post but I feel like I needed to write it out for my own piece of mind and it has reminded me to stay calm so I guess that means a job well done in my book.

What are your ways of getting over an energy burn out? I would really appreciate the suggestions!


2 thoughts on “Burning the candle at both ends

  1. Great post! Literally so relatable but I also think it’s part of our jobs withing the performance arts industry.

    I’m currently working on a 3 show season (all different shows) as Production Manager, working in another venue and still giving event clients and companies the attention they need but I tend to find I get to a point of caring too much about a project that I drive myself to my body and immune system to just cause me chaos but I wouldn’t change my life for the world as like you said it’s better to be busy than not to be.

    The best way i find to unwind and always ensure time is accounted for is on Sunday to have a hot bath with a glass of wine, candles and watch tv in the bath just to relax and mentally reprepare myself for another long exhausting week – There’s nothing better!

    M x

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