Friendmas festivities

As this crazy busy semester neared its end, I found myself struggling between wanting to embrace the amazing, cosy, Christmassy goodness that Edinburgh is throwing in every direction, when really I needed to be focussing on my exams and assignments to wrap up the semester. I managed to schedule in some study break trips to the Christmas markets and to see Scottish Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker – both of which made me want to launch into Deck the Halls for the rest of the year. Mais, non. I was not quite there… until now!

Since I’m heading home for my Christmas holidays soon, I wanted to make sure that I got to see all of my lovely Edinburgh friends before I left. My grand idea was to combine a few of these farewells and so I decided to establish my new favourite tradition, Friendmas! I planned this for the day that I finished my exams as it gave me something to look forward to when I was studying. It was such a fun project to launch myself into with my new-found freedom. I bloody love Christmas so I was super buzzing to go full pelt into festive celebrations. Plus I’m an events student so any opportunity to plan  makes me happy.

So what did I have going on? Obviously there was Christmas tunes and lots of festive cheer. I had the absolute best night with some of my favourite people.

I set up a few different drinks options to varying levels of party. The first was my hot drinks station for those who have work the next day but still want to feel cosy. With mini marshmallows and whipped cream for the perfect hot chocolate, and with either Chilli & Coconut or Salted Caramel flavoured hot choc to choose from, what’s not to love? I also have a much too big selection of teas to share and they’re all delicious.
I had a gigantic pot of mulled wine on the go because that, to be honest, is all I want to smell and drink at Christmastime. It makes me feel so cosy inside and the smell of the wine and the oranges is just delicious.
Finally, there is obviously a drinks table for all the Prosec-hohoho (joke credit to Emma Davie x). I also have this absolutely delicious strawberry wine that I recently discovered at the Foodies Festival Christmas and I am obsessed, it’s super sweet but super lovely.

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Also what is Christmas without way too much food? I am a huge fan of a cheeseboard so that is obviously what I prioritised. We have chilli and lime cheddar and some smoked cheddar along with Christmas classic Brie and some crackers. I also whipped up a wee cinnamon apple sauce and put out some caramelised onion relish and cheesy bread sticks. There was a regularly updated bowl full of pigs in blankets, giving the people what they want! I found these strangely fascinating salted caramel pretzels from Sainsbury’s and of course there were mince pies were on the go too.

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Most importantly, I got to hang out with the best people and combining them all in one room made me super happy. I was having so much fun I forgot to take any photos but everyone went full out on the Christmas jumper front, including one that sings. This is definitely a tradition I want to repeat again next year. Here’s to the next three weeks of festive indulgence, Merry Christmas!

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