Can’t it just be Christmas now?

Right, so I know that it hasn’t even been Halloween yet. I know this… but… I am SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS!! My uni bestie and I were singing Baby Please Come Home then when I went shopping it just made me want to buy lots of presents!

tumblr_nyr6rwkfec1r31h53o3_500We started talking about Christmas lists and people we need to get presents for and our family traditions and food and oh my goodness I’m excited and it’s way too early. I think this just comes every time the seasons change and we really go into the Autumn/Winter seasons. But living in this city, I feel like I’m allowed to love Christmas a little more than the average person. Edinburgh is just so extra at Christmas time with the markets and all the lights. I think Christmas really suits Edinburgh as well because it’s a time for tradition and warmth – both words I would probably use to describe Ed. This picture is from the Virgin Money ‘Street of Light’ which was just beautiful really and they got local choirs to sing along to a light show every day. It made my walk home real pretty. Plus the Christmas market is getting even bigger this year. The photograph at the top is of my view of Princes St and the market from the top of the Ferris Wheel, I just want to be back there sipping on cosy mulled cider.

tumblr_nthvh8giuq1r31h53o1_500The boyfriend has also been considering Christmas presents and asking me what I would want. The chances of success in my case getting him a present is likely because if I get anything musical then he’ll be happy. Although I always try to get something else that is a bit more personal and special, for example one year I got him this bracelet with “alack! alack! alack!” engraved onto it which is a little inside joke from our first date (cheesy, I know). I’m looking forward to the annual Christmas revamp of my personal library as I usually get a ton of books from my family. Yay!

Mostly though, I am just looking forward to spending some time at home with my friends and family over the festive season. At this stage I just love feeling Christmassy and being with the people I love. And let’s be honest, when you’re an adult, Christmas is way more about the food than it is about the presents.

Plus it means I get to make things, bring on the mulled cider!


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