The Cutest London Lunch | Vista Bar, The Trafalgar

You know when your brain likes to day-dream about travel? Yeah, that little habit that annoyingly results in you spending money. Ah well, c’est la vie. Today I found myself pining for London and it cast my mind back to one of the days I spent there this year.

tumblr_o8qg2arjqu1r31h53o3_500So as a present for my 18th birthday, my mother and I took a little trip to London. We knew that the Queen’s 90th Birthday Parade was going on but we couldn’t find a good vantage point as the crowds has already formed in about 7 layers either side of the pal mal, and as a midget gem, seeing in crowds is a really struggle of mine. So we gave up and decided to go for some lunch instead. My mum (frugal as ever) had a voucher for tapas and cocktails on the rooftop of The Vista Bar. It is a really great bar, overlooking Trafalgar Square, it gives you a great view of the city. We were in a great bar, having lovely food and drinks and despite the grey look of the photographs it was actually really warm. A weirdly cloudy 22°C – very strange from you there, Britain.

Mum and I were having a lovely time when I waiter came over to warn us that they were turning off the music shortly, and we soon realised why. A family that were sitting in the corner were out for a very special reason and when the girl returned to her table, her partner got on one knee and started giving a speech about how much he loved her. She started crying, I was getting all the feels, the situation made me feel all fuzzy inside, it was really romantic. She said yes by the way and then everyone returned to their own lunches.

tumblr_o8qg2arjqu1r31h53o2_500And if that lunch wasn’t eventful enough, little did we know that we had positioned ourselves perfectly for the air vehicle part of the Queen’s birthday parade (which I had honestly forgotten about by this point). About 20 planes and helicopters flew right over us towards the palace, followed by the Red Arrows drawing the British colours across the sky which resulted in this incredible photograph that I managed to capture.

If that wasn’t enough, that day was even better because it involved two West End shows.. take me back now!

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