3 waterfalls in autumnal Pitlochry | Roadtripping Scotland

I can’t adequately put into words how much I love Autumn. The colours, the crisp air, the food, the magic of the leaves dancing in the wind and the absolute pleasure of making cosiness my number 1 priority. It is 100% my favourite season so before the leaves all fall away, I had to make sure to get out and take it all in.

At the weekend, we went on a wee afternoon road trip chasing waterfalls in and around Pitlochry. Each waterfall was roughly a 15-minute drive away from the next so they definitely make for a great series of stops. They all had parking that was easy to access/find and the walks were not too arduous (do-able without hiking boots but accept you might get a lil muddy). We were super lucky to have the Scottish weather on-side as it wasn’t too cold, windy or wet when we got out of the car.

Hermitage Walk

Black Spout Wood

Falls of Bruar

All of our stops were absolutely gorgeous but especially so with the Autumn colours. It is just outrageous that nature, and Scotland, can really be that beautiful, I kept having to remind myself it was real. It’s always a joy to go out on a walk with pals, but especially to such gorgeous places, whilst coincidentally dressed to match the leaves and able to whack out a dance pose for a photo.
Thank you for being such great company, Matilda and Grace ❤

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