The new GBBO – is it still okay to love?

So Bake Off time rolls around again but on Channel 4 instead of the good ol’ BBC? With no Mel and Sue? And with no Mary Berry? How could it possibly be the same? Bake Off lovers everywhere are asking themselves if its alright to love this new version despite its changes, or whether that would be a complete betrayal of the BBC classic we know and love.

As a loyalist to HRH the Queen Mary Berry, I was a little tentative coming into the new version of GBBO, but honestly, it’s still pretty awesome. More than I expected, the show still feels pretty familiar, with not too many changes. Of course, there’s a wee hole in my heart for the OG judge and presenters but Prue seems to be pretty good (even if she’s not quite as cute as Mary). I also think that Sandi fits right in with whole GBBO vibe, she’s cute and a little bit kooky so I’m down with her too. Noel Fielding is the only big difference, I think and I don’t hate it, it’s just the one element that feels out of place from what we’re used to. I absolutely adore Noel Fielding, but of course he comes with a bizarre package of previous Boosh memories so to see him being serious when telling the contestants the rules of a challenge feels odd to me. But at the same, I find that odd feeling absolutely hilarious because it feels so out of place in Bake Off. Everytime he’s on screen whether he is being normal or Booshy, he makes me giggle, so that can’t be a bad thing. We just have to adjust to the change and I can’t wait to see his wonderful weirdness come out a bit more as the weeks go on.


As for the general look, format and feel of the show, it’s almost impossible to detect any changes. Thankfully. I was afraid that by switching to Channel 4 that things would become a bit ruder but in fact for much of that episode it felt like they were tentatively skirting around the much-loved Bake Off innuendo that we all know and love. I was also worried that by switching to a private channel that we would be innundated by advertisements, sponsorships and product placements, but actually having the ad breaks is kind of ideal as it gives you the time for tea breaks, pee breaks and to check Twitter. I can’t even tell you how many times I struggled through Bake Off on the BBC dying for a bathroom break but not wanting to miss a second of the show. Let’s be honest, some of those sponsorship ads were super annoying – especially that damned talking cake! The Bake Off Twitter account was serving us some quality jokes and GIF material but it also walked the line of cringey and too try-hard a few times so hopefully they learn from the engagement figures as time goes on.

Untitled collage.jpg

It’s also lucky that we have some great characters in the bakers this year, I’m already in love with the wee cutie Flo. So I think we have quite an interesting series ahead and I can’t wait to keep watching. There are some really creative bakers and some that have really great personalities, so it’s gonna be entertaining. I’m so grateful that I can still enjoy Bake Off cause I was really missing it and I’m not ready for it to be over. Although Flo is obviously the people’s champion this year, she’s so adorable, I want her to be my granny, bake me cakes and dance to All About That Bass with me.

I’m calling it now, after only two episodes: the top 3 is going to be Sophie, Steven and Tom. Let’s see if my predictions are correct…

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