Happy new academic year!

Summer is over and I can’t believe it’s September already! 2017 feels like the quickest year ever. For many of us, the real new year begins in September and not January, as we reset our education and start all new classes. I am now going into my third year of my degree where things start to get serious and all the grades I get now will decide what my degree classification is going to be after 4th years ends and I graduate.

My summer was an absolute blast with trips to Paris and Belgium, hitting up the first ever TRNSMT festival and once again happily volunteering my little butt off at Rock Challenge. For most of the summer I was back up home in Aberdeenshire which was lovely. I loved being home and seeing all the people that comes along with and I’ve loved being able to spend a whole bunch of time with my family. Then August came along and was a bit of a challenge. I kinda turned into a zombie from working three jobs; full time in an embroidery, front of house in the theatre and reviewing many Edinburgh Fringe shows! It was exhausting but a lot of fun so I regret nothing – especially now that I’ve had a few duvet days to recover.

So now, what happens next? As I said earlier, I’m now in third year, continuing to study Festival & Events and Marketing management which is pretty exciting. I’m looking forward to things getting a little bit more difficult this year, ready for the challenge! This semester I have some pretty exciting classes despite how dull their titles may sound. I will be learning about Events Planning and Public Policy, Global Service Management and International Marketing. I’ve had one week of lectures and so far, so good. I also have a few classes in preparation for being on placement all of next semester – which I’m so excited for!!

Being back to uni also means I get to be back to my usual schedule. Alongside uni and working part time in the theatre, I also have the joy of returning to my university Dance club. It’s super exciting this year as I am now the Vice President of the club which means I have a lot of work to do to get everything organised but we have so many fun things planned ahead and I can’t wait to have all of these adventures with my favourite dancers. Aside from all of that excitement, I’m also just really looking forward to be dancing again. My access to a studio was very limited over the summer, so my body is dying to get moving again. This year we’ve got a whole bunch of exciting new styles too so I’m looking forward to taking highland, tap, ballet and contemporary classes aswell as teaching jazz again!

Third year is gonna be a lot of work but I’m so ready for the challenge.

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