Become a Rock Challenge Ambassador!

In the past I have mentioned this lil thing that I love called Rock Challenge and I have already written a post about what I did as a RC performer but this one is all about volunteering for the organisation. I am lucky enough to be an Ambassador for the Be Your Best Foundation’s UK Rock Challenge, which gives me a few different opportunities and responsibilities!

The basic job description for an Ambassador is basically to promote the UK Rock Challenge and to support the production office with any local connections they may require in your area. Realistically, promoting it is a super easy job for me because I would talk about it all over social media regardless of my title. If you couldn’t tell, the reason that I talk about it so much is because I really do believe that it is such a special opportunity for school kids and can honestly change lives.


Recently, I got the chance to go to an event in Motherwell that was pitching JRock and Rock Challenge to primary and secondary schools in the area where we’re hoping to set up an event next year. I was invited to speak to the council members and teachers who had gathered to share what it was like to be a part of RC as a pupil and what an impact that had on my life. Telling that story really reminded me of how many different things and experiences I had got out of my time at school and it was kind of incredible to look back and see everything I had been able to achieve with my team.

So why should you do it? If you’re already involved in RC, it gives you the opportuity to get involved in a different capacity and one that is not just confined to tour time. It will look amazing on your CV/personal statement when it comes to applying to other opportunities in your life. And most importantly: it’s so much fun! You get to meet loads of people at RC events from the schools, to the crew, to other volunteers and ambassadors – which means you’re guaranteed to have a great experience. The more we promote RC to those people who haven’t yet heard of it and fallen in love like we did, the more young people who get the chance to experience the wonders of Rock Challenge. And if my contribution as an Ambassador has in any way brought more people towards that, then I am a very happy gal.


You have until the 25th of August to apply so don’t miss this opportunity! What are you waiting for?!



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