A year of blogging!

A year ago I decided to take a real crack at this whole blogging thing and 52 posts later, here we are. I wanted to blog because I really missed writing creatively and for fun, something I don’t have the chance to do with all my essays and reports for uni. I wanted a creative outlet for my thoughts but also for a way to me to record what I get up to during this exciting time of my life. Looking back on it, it’s cool to see all the things I’ve gotten up to – and I’m sure my mum appreciates having the thorough updates from my life too! It started off as a bit of a leap in the dark but as the time passed I think I found my ‘voice’ (cheesy, I know). When I look back at some of my earlier posts I’m a little embarassed at their awkwardness and aimlessness but more and more I am proud of the pieces I write. I am a huge nerd for the analytical side of having my own website (comes from the marketing student side of me) so I decided to reflect on what these can tell me about the past year.

12 months, 52 posts, 3,587 visitors from 57 countries and 5,818 overall views.

Viewer map

I find it so baffling that people from all over the world have read my blog posts, from Egypt to Ecuador, Taiwan to New Zealand, Croatia to French Polynesia, I’ve somehow managed to reach every continent apart from the penguins in Antarctica.


As time passes, my readership has gained more in numbers. This is probably due to the fact that I got better at picking what topics people would like to read and presenting this information with a purpose. Also because I started to share my blog posts more publicly once I had worked up the confidence!

Most popular posts of 2016-17
1. Where to drink in Edinburgh | My top 5 bars and cafés
2. Edinburgh’s best new hidden gem | The Voyage of Buck
3. Watch: Napier Dance Annual Showcase 2017 | Solo
4. Edinburgh Foodie Find | The Caley Sample Room
5. The trouble with subjective competition 

I’m not gonna lie, I’m quite proud of myself for sticking to it, writing (on average) 3 posts each month. I’m not saying everything I write is absolute gold dust, but it is words coming out of my head onto the screen. I have so enjoyed being able to write everything down as it allows me to process what I think and what I do, and anyone actually caring enough to read what I’ve written is just a bonus so thank you.

Aaaaand since we’re talking about reading, feel free to click that wee follow button at the bottom there, you can sign up to be notified by email when I publish a new blog post, if you want to. But of course I will also share my posts on my Facebook page, Twitter (@katiedanielrc) and Instagram (katiedanielrc) too! Shameless self promotion over *mic drop*.

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