Back to Edinburgh!

Thankfully summer ended (gosh, I never thought I’d say that) so I was able to move back down to Edinburgh and prepare myself for my second year of studying Festival & Events and Marketing Management. After a summer of full time work I feel like my brain has been switched off and now I am ready to learn something again! Quite a few exciting modules coming up this year and hopefully some serious brain work.


So we’re back to one of my favourite places, I love being in Edinburgh and I love living with my boyfriend again. Yesterday I climbed Arthur’s Seat, an ancient volcano that is 251m above sea level, so y’know pretty high up. It’s not that bad but it still tires you out trying to climb that thing. When you get to the top, despite the swarm of tourists, it is worth it. There is a 360º view of the best place in Scotland. It was a good welcome back.


Being back to uni also means getting back to Dance!! Plus this year I get to start my journey as a committee member! For the 2016-17 academic year I am the competition troupe co-ordinator and I couldn’t be more excited to get started after auditions tomorrow – bring on the comps! Plus it’s just nice to have class again and be able to move my body in a more exciting way than the gym offers.


My other exciting news that has arose in my return to the city is that I finally got a part time job and it couldn’t be more exciting! I am on the Bistro and Events team at the Edinburgh Playhouse I have the opportunity to get events experience! The role is pretty mixed from waiting tables, bar-tending and front of house ushering but I’m just excited to be working in a theatrical environment, my happy place. It is the most intense uniform I’ve had to wear in a while, full on tie and waistcoat, it’s cute!

Looking forward to another year in this amazing part of the world.


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