Seven lovely people sit on a wall and smile with their arms stretched out fabulously

United by music in Liverpool | Eurovision 2023

We’ve done it again! And by ‘it’, I mean getting our butts back into the Eurovision bubble and it was the absolute best time. Last year going to Turin felt like a one-off once-in-a-lifetime opportunity but then the UK got to host this year and so we obviously had to go. Liverpool did a cracking job of hosting and there was glorious sunshine all weekend which made it even better.

After a 6-hour car journey down from Scotland we grabbed a yummy dinner at Maray and wandering around Albert Dock before heading to check out the Eurovillage. There was a big queue but once we got in we watched the wildest pop dungeon set by Charlotte Church. The next morning we got fuelled up for the day at Albert’s Schloss for breakfast which was delicious but the highlight truly was the disco toilet in the ladies’ room with a button that turns on the tunes and flashing lights. Then we headed back to the apartment to get glittered up. On our way to the Eurovillage we were getting stopped by the press to give interviews left, right and centre and some strangers asked for a picture with us which was quite funny to play minor celebs for the day (we ended up on the telly!).

Once in the village, we had the whole afternoon sitting on our picnic blanket in the sunshine which was totally lush. During the day there were stage sets from Brooke (Ireland’s 2022 entry), Katrina (of Katrina & The Waves, so we got to dance around to Walking on Sunshine live), Jedward did a Eurovision karaoke session, the Vengaboys and Claire from Steps – all fab, all camp.

Then it was time for Eurovision to actually start! We had the best time singing and dancing along to all the tunes along with the crowd in the village – there was amazing energy! Being there with Hanna, we were definitely team Sweden so watching the results was both tense and exciting. When Sweden ultimately won, we lost our minds, screaming and crying. What a time!

If you are interested, my faves were of course Sweden and Finland but I also loved Austria, France, Norway, Belgium and Serbia.

But most importantly of all, I had the best weekend because I got to share it with these total gems ❤ Roll on Sweden 2024!

Surrounded by the outline of a giant pink heart, seven total babes pose together, smiling

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