A lovely April

This month has been such a good time. I was trying to take it easier knowing what’s coming up this summer (you’ll see in future blog posts) but still ended up doing quite a few lovely things. Here’s the rundown…

I started off the month with a lovely dinner at Glasgow favourite Eusebi Deli then saw some old friends performing (brilliantly) again in Sondheim’s Company.

With work, we had the world premiere of our new ballet The Scandal at Mayerling so I spent some quality time down at the Theatre Royal. It’s been busy getting to this point so to be in the room with our stunning orchestra and dancers reminds you what it’s all for. (p.s. we’re still touring to Aberdeen and Edinburgh so do come along and see it!)

I also spent a couple of weekends over in Edinburgh. The first time getting to see my university dance club’s annual show, which was so nice to support after two years of pandemic break. It’s always lovely getting to spend time with my friends over in Edinburgh and even got to experience what wfh is like with a cat who wants to sit on your laptop. After years of it being rescheduled, I finally got to see Sasha Velour’s Smoke and Mirrors show which was so frickin creative and got a catch up with my baby Ethan. And then, a couple of weeks later I hopped over again when my mum came to visit so we could see Northern Ballet’s The Great Gatsby and The Meaning of Zong at the Lyceum. Getting to spend my life in various theatres again just feels so right – I’m back in my natural habitat.

And other than that I’ve been chilling out, reading books, getting organised for my holiday coming up and taking walks in the park, very much enjoying blossom season. I’ve had a few new beginnings; I started trying to run again (now that the weather is a bit better), had the first meeting of my new book club, started going to an in-person french class and gave my hair the chop again.

Glad to be wrapping up the month in the best way possible, by spending time with my friends and, in particular, celebrating the life of the wonderful Nathalie.

à la prochaine!

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