2021: the year of revival

This year has been…mixed. We’re still battling the tides of the pandemic but at least this year we had moments where life felt almost normal. Getting back to doing the things we love was like a breath of fresh air. And, okay, we’ve been swiftly whisked back into the stuffy house for the latest round of restrictions, but there’s still a lot we were able to do to be grateful for.

It’s been a weird year for me, working from home primarily but starting to have our theatres re-open again and getting to share new shows with real-life audiences. I had the joy of actually sitting in theatres again as an audience member which was sorely needed after the theatrical drought of 2020. From the shows I’ve worked on, to touring productions, and even a wee Festival weekend in Edinburgh, I’m so grateful for it all. Although I spent last week cancelling shows I hope our stages won’t be dark for as long this time around and we can get back to sharing stories and applauding with rooms full of people very soon.

Still being back home at the start of the year meant I’ve been able to have loads of family time this year, especially in the summer. I was actually able to go on a holiday in the summer to visit my sister Claire in Orkney where she was on placement and that’s when she and Grant got engaged! We’ve had a lot of fun talking about wedding planning since then. My other sib Stuart and his (Australian) girlfriend Georgia moved to Australia but not before a wee trip to Braemar and lots of celebrations. I’m very glad we got the chance to spend that time together before they crossed the planet and time zones. My parents also continue being brilliant, but that’s not news.

The staycation-outdoor-hang vibes were very much still in effect this year so that meant loads of lovely walks by the beach, strawberry picking in the summer, and learning to paddleboard with human sunshine Laura. The days we spent together up on Hopeman Beach and then in Aviemore (with extra pals) were some of my favourites this year.

Buuut there was also a lot of staying-at-home time which made loads of space for cosying up, cooking good food and reading loads of books. There’s a whole post dedicated to this year’s bookish adventures so if you want to know more go check it out.

Getting back to Dundee after lockdown was really nice and I managed to fit in loads of fun times with friends before moving away. Special shout out to the lovely people at the Rep and ofc Scottish Dance Theatre for making my time in Dundee as lovely as it was, and to my flatmate Grace who’s willing to go crazy lengths for wine by my side.

And then in the final couple months was the big change of moving to Glasgow and starting a total dream of a job. To be working on The Nutcracker is a bit mental but here we are. I’m obsessed with my new flat and decorating that was loads of fun. Looking forward to hosting more pals round when they come to visit. The other piece of joy I’ve found in Glasgow is going back to gymnastics! It’s like being in a playground and very interesting trying to figure out what moves my body can still do. The only downside is that I managed to finish the year with a sprained ankle which is a bit shite but I’m home, cosy and resting throughout the festivities.

I’m not saying life was perfect and it’s been the best year but there’s definitely been enough good shit and quality time with my favourite people that overall I can’t say 2021 was too bad. Hoping for some more action in life next year but honestly who knows what’s going to happen?

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