The next chapter begins

Well hey, dear reader, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a personal blog post and following all my recent life changes I suppose now is as good a time as any. I’m stepping into a new chapter of my life as I just started a new job and moved to a new city so it’s been a busy, mildly stressful but very exciting time.

The main news is that I started working at Scottish Ballet which is an absolute dream! I still have to pinch myself sometimes. I remember going to see my first ever ballet at His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen back in 2010, it was SB’s Romeo & Juliet and I loved it. I’ve seen just about everything they’ve performed since then, so to be able to work as part of the team bringing ballet to the people of Scotland and beyond is beyond ridiculous. It’s a busy time at work – I’m deep in The Nutcracker at the moment (which is just wild to say) and I can’t wait for everything else we’ve got coming up.

Whilst on the topic of new roles, I recently joined the Board of YDance – Scotland’s national dance agency for children and young people. YDance is a charity that works in education, provides participation projects and offers talent development opportunities in order to provide high-quality dance experiences across the country. I’m so pleased to be involved with the brilliant team at YDance and to have the opportunity to learn and develop myself as a Board Member. Less than 3% of charity trustees are under the age of 30 so I’m glad to be adding to those numbers.

Getting a new job has also meant moving from Dundee to Glasgow which is super exciting. Having lived in Aberdeenshire and Edinburgh previously, I was feeling it was about time to head west. Between getting sorted in the new flat, working from home and COP26 I haven’t ventured out into the city too much yet but I’m so looking forward to exploring! There’ll be plenty of Glasgow blog posts coming soon, I’m sure.

The whole process of moving was quite a whirlwind, finding a flat was not easy but eventually managed to get somewhere. Unfortunately, everyone was unavailable on moving day so I had to move it all by myself. Carrying all my stuff down two flights of stairs and up three, driving on the motorway for the first time and setting up my new home. I’m kinda blown away actually that I did it all by myself, baby Katie could never have imagined this capacity for adulting but we did it! Of course, I’ve really enjoyed decorating the flat and building my own space here. I’m loving it so far and can’t wait to host my pals and family.

So, yeah I suppose that’s it. Glasgow pals please do hit me up with any recommendations of things to do and places to go, or hit me up if you want to hang out!

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