Hunting down Edinburgh’s little free libraries

Little Free Libraries are basically these wee public bookshelves where you can exchange books with people in your community. The etiquette is to put a book in before you take one away so that there remains something for the next person to choose from. I must confess that I am ~obsessed~ with little free libaries, I think they’re the cutest things ever.

When I came across the Little Free Library website I saw that there was a map showing all the libraries they have listed. I was looking to see if there were any near me and saw that there were 7 in Edinburgh. I decided I was going to try and hunt them all down, only to find there are so many more than is listed on that website because Edinburgh has them sprouting up all over the place!

I ditched my catch ’em all idea but decided to visit some of the ones I knew about to anchor my walks with friends over the weekend. We were able to catch up as normal but also had the joy of finding the little free libraries and deciding which books to take. All in all, in my weekend of catch ups, I managed to exchange 6 books and all of them (apart from ‘Tipping the Velvet’ which I’ve already read so I gave to my friend Nathalie) had actually been on my tbr list so it was a total win!

Here’s the haul…

It was such a fun bookish adventure to hunt these down and I’m well chuffed to have come away with some reading material that I would have bought otherwise. I’m definitely keen to keep looking for more the next time I’m back in Edinburgh but would also be keen to look up if there are any of these wherever I visit – what better way to offload the books you no longer want to keep but pass on the joy to someone else?! Also veeeery tempted to try and build one of my own somewhere…

Let me know if you have a fave little free library to visit or if you go and hunt down any of the ones above – I’d love to know which book you pick!


EDIT: I have indeed decided to find one more each time I return to Edinburgh so I’ll continue to add more when I find them!

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