4 days in Copenhagen

Last weekend my sister and I jumped on a plane and headed to Copenhagen for a long weekend. Someone asked me why Copenhagen? and to be honest, we just wanted to adventure somewhere and the flights there are super cheap so off we went. Copenhagen is a really cool place with great vibes – it was just a shame that the weather was so miserable when we were there (damn you Storm Ciara!) I think in better weather it would be great for just aimlessly wandering around and enjoying the feel of the place, but because we were rushing to get out of the wind and rain we moved way faster than chill holiday pace and fired through loads in the first couple days. I think I’ve learned a lesson for future winter trips there.

So I’ll tell you about some of the highlights. First of all, we had a really special experience by going to CopenHot – it’s a wee bit out of the way but totally worth it. We got to sit in a hot tub watching the sunset over the Baltic Sea with a bottle of Cava between us – absolutely banging. There’s also a sauna and you can jump in the sea if you wanted to (maybe better to do that in the summer). Would definitely recommend!
We visited the famous Tivoli Gardens, a theme park which has some of the oldest rollercoasters in the world. Tivoli Gardens actually inspired Disneyland too and you can see why – everything is really cute and the lights looked amazing when it got dark. I am a total chicken when it comes to heights so rides freak me out, that said, I was brave and went on a massive upside-down one and then my bravery was spent. Claire had a blast on all the big, scary ones and I played the mam holding the jackets role.

Another of my highlights was the Theatre Museum at the Court Theatre which is part of Christiansborg Palace. Classic Katie, loves the theatre tour! It was pretty cool though, a wee old fashioned space and the museum tells you all about Danish theatre from 18thC to now which was interesting.
We hit up a few different galleries too – some of our faves were the Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen Contemporary and the Glyptoteket. Some really nice cool spaces, some weird af modern art and some classic af sculpture.

We had some banging recommendations for places to eat when we were over and some of our favourites were the amazing Paludan Bog & Café (thanks for the rec Jessie!) which epitomises the whole hygge thing for me, it’s like this gorgeous old library mixed with a café, restaurant and bar – what more could you want? I think if I lived in CPH this would totally be a regular haunt of mine. Riz Raz (thanks for the rec Petra!) had delicious food! They have this salad buffet with loads of gorgeous vegetable salads and stuff and also the main menu was great too! Would definitely 100% recommend both of these spots! There were also (obviously) so many amazing bakeries on basically every corner selling the most gorgeous pastries and Danishes – the classic cinnamon roll takes the win for me, though.

So here’s the logistics: we stayed in a lovely Airbnb (check out Hanne’s place here) and getting from the airport into the centre was super easy. The city is super walk-able as everything is close together so you don’t have to worry too much about getting around. Some of the time we jumped on the Metro (particularly when the rain was pouring!) but we also hopped on a Lime scooter to zip around for some of our slightly longer journeys. In terms of activities, we used a Copenhagen Card which is a multi-buy thing getting you entry to the main activities across the city. It was useful to narrow down where we wanted to go and easier when we were entering the places but I’m not sure how much of saving there was based on how many things we actually did.
I’ve left a map with our key spots below:

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