you have to use your vote

Oh here we go, she’s writing about politics! This soap-box isn’t really to talk about my particular political views it’s more about encouraging you, dear reader, to use your voice. There’s not long left so make sure that you register to vote then actually get your butt down to a polling station and vote.

If you are a young person, or you know a young person, make sure that you register! Currently 33% of the 9 million eligible people not yet registered to vote are those 18-21 years and a further 32% are 22-25 year olds! It is sheer madness that over 60% of eligible unregistered voters are under the age of 25. It has been shown in the last few elections that the lowest and highest age brackets vote drastically differently and if we as the ‘youth’ are the ones who have to live with the impact of the vote’s outcome the longest, we sure as hell better make sure we have our say in it. It may appear like our generation is politically engaged but the voting registration is showing otherwise at the moment so REGISTER TO VOTE!

Still not convinced? The Guardian tells you why you can’t afford not to vote if you’re young. Furthermore, my student friends, if you’d like to figure out where your vote will make more of a difference, this handy Guardian tool allows you to compare your home and term time addresses to decide where you’d like to register.

Here’s a pretty awesome graphic that sums it all up Credit @nataliebyrne

It can be easy to think write off the political nonsense, to want to cover your ears and hide away from the shitstorm on the news, but we cannot be blissfully ignorant. I still feel so politically frustrated, there is not a party or a leader that I feel confident in and I don’t actually think the country can be truly happy with any outcome, but we have to pick the best of the bad bunch. But if we don’t all have our say then democracy doesn’t work.

That said, it does bother me that I don’t think I or many people will be voting for a party that they believe in most but rather feel that they have to choose a tactical side so your vote isn’t ineffective or ‘pointless’ considering how it will play out with your area’s majority. To me that isn’t true democracy but it’s where we are.

I hope that this election is just voted on single party issues and that people will consider the larger picture, and despite yet another short campaigned election, people aren’t voting in reaction rather than with logic and research. Regardless of where you want to put that vote I think everyone can agree that things haven’t been going well politically for a while so I really hope that we don’t complain about it and then vote to keep things the same once again. If the current party were so revolutionary and going to improve things then why haven’t they done that so far? So, please, register to vote before November 26th.


I don’t want to push my beliefs too much but I do want to share this video below. I think we can all agree that one of the greatest things about the UK is our access to free health care and at the moment the NHS is struggling. Brexit is an important issue to solve so that we can move on with our lives but in the meantime our working systems are drowning. Here’s a bunch of NHS professionals giving you their plea for the upcoming election. Take from that what you will…

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