hold the people you love

A lot of unexpected, unexplainable and unbelievable things have been happening in life lately and as hard as it’s been, I find myself drawn to focus on the positives. Not that the negatives don’t exist, but what else can we do but our best to carry on? Recently I’ve seen countless people I know and love going through the toughest times with the most unfathomable strength and it has been awe-inspiring. I guess there’s truth to the whole ‘you never know how strong you are until you have to be’ thing.

A caveat for you, I quite honestly don’t know how to write through these thoughts without sounding like a complete cliché wanker but I just want to get it out of my head. However cringey the following is, you know the core message is what’s important.

One of my biggest fears in life is losing the people I love, and yes I know that sounds dumb because everyone is afraid of that, but I mean it’s a regular are recurring fear of mine. Even the hypothetical thought of it makes me want to cry forever and I think that’s why I’m quite an affectionate person. I don’t think anyone important to me has any doubt that I love them because I say it incessantly and I show them by wanting to know what’s up with them. There is a difference between a simple ‘how are you?’ and when you’re really asking. I think people usually have a sense for when it’s a loaded ‘fine’ with a lot more going on behind there.

It can be tough to support people going through a hard time. Where are their limits?Where are yours? How much will they tell you? How much can you push them? What the heck is the right thing to say? And honestly I don’t think there is a correct answer for any of those things but I suppose the best you can do is to try and gain as much understanding as you possibly can and just be there. Really be there for your people.

We are so freaking lucky to live surrounded by people who love and care for us and even if your brain tries to tell you otherwise, you have an impact on more people than you’d think. So hold your friends and family close. Don’t miss the opportunity to let people know how important they are to you. Make sure you really listen when you ask ‘how are you?’ Give your intuition more credit because it’s better to have tried.

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