The struggles of a small person at a gig

So a couple of weeks ago I went to see Beyoncé and Jay Z at Hampden Park in Glasgow and the gig was incredible, I had such a fun time. But there is something to be said for going to a gig when you’re a bit vertically challenged. Being tall or being short will have their pros and cons in certain situations but us tinies are definitely losing out at concerts. I love going to concerts and almost always have a brilliant time but there’s no denying the simple fact that being small has quite a few disadvantages to the experience. While no-one can help that you’re a midget and you will just get on with it, sometimes it’s worth considering that the little people around could maybe use a little help to let them enjoy themselves as much as you are. So what’s the big problem? Well…

  1. I’m at most people’s shoulder height so spend a large majority of a gig looking at the back of people’s heads and their shoulder blades. This, of course, blocks quite a bit of your view of the stage and even the screens, but hey, I get loads of time to check out the lighting rig.
  2. When you’re trapped down in that space, it’s super hot with no ventilation. It can get pretty claustrophic and makes it quite hard for you to actually breathe. Also one time at a festival a guy had on a plastic rain poncho and the wind kept blowing it into my face and suffocating me which wasn’t really very fun…
  3. You spend a lot of time straining yourself to be able to see so for a few hurs you’re tilting your head up and arching your back  which then results in so much pain. I always come out of a gig with the sorest neck and lower back.
  4. Some may say ‘well why don’t you wear heels to a gig?’ and my response is that I’d have to wear the highest heels to make the height advantage worthwhile which would then bring a whole lot more discomfort and instability. You’re better to go for comfy shoes and spend the whole gig on your tippy toes. You end up leaving with calves of steel!
  5. You get people taller than you give you the occasional look or word of sympathy about how it must be hard down there, which then makes it all feel a bit condescending, unhelpful and pointless to mention, when they’re not going to do anything about it.

I understand you just wanna have a fun time at a gig, and you’re entitled to – you bought a ticket, same as me – but sometimes just take a second to consider those less fortunate than yourself and maybe do them a solid by letting them stand in front. If we’re small enough it shouldn’t even restrict your view in the slightest.

It ain’t always easy but it won’t stop me from going to gigs because the fun of watching (or is hearing the more appropriate word here?) live music is worth a little bit of stretching.

3 thoughts on “The struggles of a small person at a gig

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