My Edinburgh Fringe picks 2018

It’s that time of year again as the busiest month of the summer approaches and Edinburgh braces itself for the onslaught of visitors and fringey fun! Each year when they  release the huge Fringe programme I get excited because it’s so much to look through all the possibilities of what to see in August. I will admit that this year’s scan hasn’t resulted in as many must-sees for me as last year’s offerings but I’m going to be working a lot more this time so it’s maybe for the best, plus it gives me the ability to take chances on shows that might surprise me which could be fun! So here goes, my 2018 Fringe picks:

N.B. as always, my friends, I won’t include any of you in these lists to be fair to all my pals cause I’m obviously biased and will def come and see your show anyway x
  1. Courtney Act: Under the Covers  CABARET
    You know I love me a drag queen but Courtney is so beautiful and realistic it won’t even feel like a drag show just a beautiful cabaret with an amazing singer. I saw her last year and she was so good and so funny too! After gaining more UK fans on Big Brother this year, this could end up being a pretty hot ticket this year!
  2. Russell Howard – Work in ProgressCOMEDY
    Everyone loves Russell, right? It’s just a work in progress gig which means he’ll be trying out the jokes on an audience, they won’t all be funny but at least you’ll hear ’em first! And for that very reason tickets are only £5, amazing!
  3. Shit-faced Shakespeare: HamletCOMEDY/THEATRE
    They put on a Shakespeare play except one of the actors is bleezing drunk which obviously puts the rest of the cast into disarray trying to keep the show on track, priceless comedy, very funny.
    Shit-faced Showtime: Oliver with a Twist
    Same thing but less Shakespeare. Still very funny.
  4. Tipping the VelvetTHEATRE
    Based on the Sarah Waters novel, this is a play I’ve wanted to see for ages so that’s what I’m gonna do! It’s a coming of age story about a woman who falls in love with a male impersonator and then finds herself as one is wont to do in a coming of age story.
  5. Love Song to Lavendar MenaceTHEATRE
    Edinburgh, 80’s, bookshop, LGBT love story, what more could you want? Super excited to see this one as it’s a combo of lots of my favourite things. Lavendar Menace was the first LGBT bookshop in Edinburgh and was a hub for the community in the 80’s which is awesome. Also this production looks absolutely gorgeous.

If you have any other recommendations of shows you think will be amazing or projects you’re involved in please send them my way! I’d love to see as much as possible on top of my press job this year!

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