Looking for something to watch right now?

I’ve found myself loving quite a few things recently so if you’re looking for something to watch here are my recommendations of the moment!

Queer Eye (Netflix) – oh my goodness, it’s been a while since a new programme has made me fall so completley in love with it so quickly, but damn I love this. It’s a makeover programme where the Fab 5 (amazingly lovely gay men who I all adore) visit a dude who has asked for help and they not only make over his fashion and grooming but also teach them a trick of two food/drink wise and give suggestions for how to up their culture and leisure time and, my favourite part, they makeover the person’s house! It is the cutest programme in the world and I honestly think everyone needs to watch it because it makes you so happy, I squeal or cry through most of the episodes. Don’t just take my word for it, this Guardian article calls it the best show of the year, and I’m inclined to agree with it!

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story (BBC iPlayer) – I literally just finished this series now. It is so beautifully shot, especially for a docudrama. I loved the OJ Simpson series that American Crime Story did last so of course I was intrigued. You know I love me some true crime so if you give my the intrigue of getting into a serial killer’s mind and motivation mixed with gorgeous filming, grand acting and a flashy case – I’m so there. Darren Criss is inbelievable in this as Andrew Cunanan (even if I did initially find it jarring to see Blaine from Glee killing people left, right and centre) – I would definitely recommend giving this one a watch.

The Marvellous Mrs Maisel (Amazon) – this is a wee series about a woman in the 1950s who tries to make it as a comedienne, not an easy thing to do in those days. There is also a lot of drama around her marriage and family to add some extra conflict to the dream. It’s really funny and really sweet and Rachel Brosnaham who plays Midge is cute as a button but also has sass for days – it’s a lovely light watch, certain to make you happy!

An American in Paris (live cinema screening) – on Wednesday the 16th May, there is a live cinema screening of one of the most stunning and wonderful musicals I’ve seen (I rant about how much I love it here) It was such a gorgeous show I was sad to see it close after only 9 months on the West End but luckily they filmed it so we have the chance to see it again! I cannot stress how much you should go and see this if you in anyway love musical theatre, dance or music in general (Gershwin is a real gem). To find out where you can watch it, click here! Don’t miss it!!

Fordidden visual album by Todrick Hall (YouTube) – finally, to give you a recommendation across all platforms, I suggest you watch Todrick Hall’s latest masterpiece Forbidden – his visual albums are so put together it has the looks of a professional film with the detail and storyline of a full on musical and still has cool sounding pop/hip hop songs (I promise he’s much cooler than I just made that sound). It’s beautiful!


Happy watching everybody, hope you enjoy!

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