So this happened…

So the other day I decided to choreograph a dance to a funky wee tune by the lovely dodie. I knew I wanted to dance to this the second that I’d heard it on the new EP and finally the day came in my wee jazz class.

She then tweeted that she was jet lagged and needed something to do so I replied with my class video and surprisingly to me, she seen and retweeted it!


I still can’t really believe that happened, it’s kinda surreal to have the singer whose music inspired your choreography to actually see your work, never mind share it with her hundreds of thousands of followers. The video kind of went on the low end of the viral scale and I got some really lovely comments. Now I’m just being self indulgent by writing this post but I also wanted somewhere to keep the memory as it has already gone far down my Twitter timeline!

Here’s the video if you wanna see the dance 🙂

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