Promoting my talented sister | Claire Daniel Art

When we were growing up, my sister was always the artier one. She would excel in art and would always be crafty and helpful to my mother in running her group of Rainbows (the youngest version of Girl Guides). I mean we both grew up very creative but my ideas just couldn’t be channelled onto paper. She would always amuse me as a kid with her doodles, especially the monkey people (you know the one, Claire).

18301130_10207696723851161_3489093500737052471_nAs we grew up, my creativity focused more on expression through dance while Claire always doodled, drew and painted. For a long time, she has looked for a way for that to be a bigger part of her life and started trying to sell sketches and paintings. I decided that I wanted to lend my hand to this through my degree study of marketing. Firstly, because I love my sister. Secondly, because promotion and social media management is good experience for me and thirdly, because I get a kick out of aforementioned promotion. So here I go! Please do keep an eye on the Claire Daniel Art Facebook page for upcoming competitions and to see pictures of her new paintings.

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Claire’s art is quite abstract in style and sometimes you can’t quite identify exactly what it is but it still looks pretty.  Even if I don’t tell her often (because it’s too cheesy) she is super talented in my eyes and I absolutely love what she creates. She may be able to tell this since my flat down in Edinburgh currently contains five of her paintings. It’s really cool to see her doing something cool on the side of work and has actually led her to some awesome opportunities such as creating a huge painting for local coffee house franchise Symposium!

If you are interested in acquiring a painting, they are all decently priced, and she has many canvases and canvas paper paintings available for purchase now but is also able to create bespoke pieces to your specification in regards to size, colour palate and even theme. For example, I asked Claire to create me some painting inspired by some of my favourite, beautiful movies La La Land and An American In Paris. So, if there was a book, TV show, musical or whatever you’d like to give a nod to in your decor without being too blatant, it’s a great idea. You can get in touch with Claire via her art Facebook page here! You can also follow her on Instagram at: clairedanielart


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