My top 5 podcasts 

Over the last couple of years I have discovered, gotten into and now rely on the entertainment of a good podcast. It’s fun to just listen to a conversation and not have to think how to participate or respond, plus it’s more engaging than just listening to music. I particularly enjoy a podcast for when I’m driving or on the bus. So on that note, I thought I’d share my top 5 podcasts – in no particular order – varying from YouTube comedians to theatrical insight.

Rupaul’s What’s The Tee? With Michelle Visage

Anyone who is a fan of Drag Race of drag queen culture will love this podcast. I find it so endearing to hear RuPaul when he isn’t in drag mother role, it makes him seem like so much more of a real person and paired with Michelle, it is hilarious. Their friendship is so cute and getting an insight into the decades of antics and inside jokes is very entertaining. They usually talk about drag, theatre and pop culture and often have guests from the drag or Hollywood world and I feel like I learn a lot about the history of the entertainment industry.

Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig

When I was in my mid-teens, most of my entertainment came from watching YouTube vloggers but with time my interest and dedication to my subscription box became lazy but I really love being able to listen to some of those personalities that I really enjoyed. Grace has such a funny and light-hearted attitude that allows you to just enjoy the random nonsense without having to stress out your brain or get too deep. I love the episodes she has done with other YouTubers that I love like Jon Cozart and Willam Belli. Although I sometimes don’t know some of her guests it’s always still interesting to see how she approaches her interviews. I particularly love the contrast of her producers’ Jack checking the discussions and the episodes with her friend Mitchell are madness but really funny.

Inside The West End with Ben Morris and Rob Copeland

I love this podcast because it brings you an insight into all aspects of the theatre industry from costumers to directors, composers to wig mistresses as well as the performers. It has enabled me to learn so much about the West End and touring companies from straight plays to musical theatre and ballets. As this is something that I obviously have a great passion and interest for. I love to hear about the different productions and how the guests have been involved in it. I find the podcast to be pretty inspiring and one day I would absolutely love to be inside the West End myself as more than just an audience member. Dreams are good.

Shane and Friends

Shane Dawson is another one of those YouTubers who I used to watch but if I’m honest his daily uploads of videos resulted in me losing the motivation to click and listen to everything he had to say, especially when he became a challenge video kind of guy (they’re okay in moderation). I do, however, think that Shane is a very funny person and I love listening to him speak, especially in conversation with his friend Jessie. They are so extra, honest and a little bit disgusting. Their guests vary from Youtube people to just people who work in industries that they find interesting, from baristas to call girls.

The Actors Studio Flat with Adam Jarrell

I discovered this podcast through listening to Inside the West End as they tend to approach a similar topic – an insight to the performing arts industry. I loved this so much when I found it that I binge-listened to every episode in about a month. I like that he has a section where he references the Bernard Pivot questionnaire and basically gives his guests a personality quiz, it lets you see how the peoples’ minds work. I am absolutely fascinated by the world of West End so I love to listen to these interviews and soak up as much creative inspiration that I possibly can.


You can find all of these on the iTunes Podcasts app and possibly on other applications but I’m not sure about those… So go for it, listen and enjoy!

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