Back to uni!

After a busy, fun but not so relaxing Christmas holiday, I am back to uni this week to start my second semester of second year. After this I will be through the easy half of my degree – can’t believe how fast it’s all going by!

I thought I’d write a little post about the classes that I’m taking this semester because I think it’ll be funny to look back at once I’ve actually finished then and see what I thought at the start.

If you didn’t already know, I study Festival & Event and Marketing Management at Edinburgh Napier University which is a joint honours undergraduate BA degree. My compulsory events module for this term is Conference Management which looks at the corporate side of events management. Possibly not the most interesting type of events but a large industry and one that needs to be studied. I think this module will possibly be a little lack lustre but you gotta do what you gotta do. This is my only module with the dreaded group assignment but it’s only in pairs so it shouldn’t be that bad. Unfortunately this semester I was not given a compulsory marketing module but instead have been given a tourism, hospitality and events module from our faculty about Facilities and Planning, another one that sounds like a hoot, am I right? (…sensing sarcasm? cause you should) Again, another necessary step in looking at the boring side of my subject that you have to know just not necessarily enjoy so much. It looks a lot at the risk management and legislative sides to planning events. For my optional module this semester I decided to pick up a hospitality module called The Study of Food and Wine which initially sounds like a piss take but is actually turning out to be a really interesting subject. It looks at culture, history, sociology, nutrition, world development and also throws in a little wine tasting, which I’m definitely not opposed to! It’s kinda like a social science which is one of the things I miss learning about from school.. Plus it’s about two of the things I love most: food and wine.

Due to my disappointment at the lack of marketing in my life this term I became an extra over-achiever and have managed to get my programme leader to let me enrol in an extra module that is actually meant to be for third year students but it is a mostly online module and I wanted the challenge. Direct and Digital Marketing was only going to be available to me in the second semester in third year but that is when I will be out of uni on my work placement which means I’d never get my hands on it. I figured that I could handle the challenge and it had no prerequisites. I wanted to get my brain around more marketing because it really does interest me. Especially digital marketing, I find the revolution of social media marketing actually fascinating. It might be a challenge but I think it’ll be worth it!

Getting back to uni also means getting back to dance! I have had to immediately kick into gear because this semester I am taking on the responsibility of teaching the Strength & Flexibility and Jazz classes every Tuesday working towards a jazz routine for the show in a couple of months. It’s really exciting for me to be teaching again but I do have to bear in mind that it takes time to plan a class and choreograph quality pieces for my dancers. I also coordinate our competition troupes and our competitions are fast approaching in a few weeks time. I am happy to be dancing all the time again, she says in pain with a body riddled with lactic acid that is totally exhausted, oh well, it’s what I love to do!


One thought on “Back to uni!

  1. Love your uni posts! Katie you should do a youtube channel 😍 anyway can you do a ‘day in the life’ of a events student in edinburgh? I’d like to know how is a typical day in this uni, since I’d like to study turism at napier

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