Napier Dance presents Strictly Come Dancing!

15094500_10206489394268676_3974695059773648666_nOn Sunday we held our 4th annual Strictly Come Dancing fundraiser in aid of the Edinburgh Napier Dance Squad. The idea is based around the fantastic TV show Strictly, otherwise known as Dancing with the Stars in other countries. I honestly can’t believe that I’ve never heard or thought of this fundraising concept but it’s brilliant – a member of dance is the ‘pro’ and takes a member of another sport or society to teach them a dance so that they can compete on the night in the hopes of taking the Strictly crown! It’s a really great way to get all of the Team Napier clubs and socs together, look at that turnout! That photo makes me really happy. Plus we get to hold the event in the most beautiful venue in Edinburgh, the Ghillie Dhu, which was looking particularly festive.


After my victory in last year’s competition I was super excited for Strictly to come around again, but due to crazy uni assignments two days after I decided to protect my sanity and not take on a partner so I was only performing with the competition troupes but it still made my mum happy that she was able to watch me dance again. This year’s Strictly was really different for me because on the one hand I didn’t have a nervous partner to babysit but since I’m on the committee this year I had other responsibilities, it was still super fun and I was grateful for the night out after to blow off some steam after a long and slightly stressful day.


So the exciting part, the performances! With the hip hop troupe we did a bit of a Missy Elliot mashup with Get Ur Freak On and Work It as well as Inside Out by Clipping and Dance Off by Macklemore. We also did a jazzy routine to Sam Sparro’s Black and Gold which was sooooo much fun!

As always, a super fun night enjoyed by all and a huge amount of funds raised to help us continue to be a club and offer more to our members! Yay!

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