Living my interior designer dream… on a budget | Student Flat DIY

I moved to Edinburgh to start university and I am in the lucky position that I live in a flat that my parents own. They bought it because my sister and I were living in the same city and it made a lot of sense to combine that living cost. Of course I pay them rent but it saves me the trouble of angry landlords and the stress of trying to find student accommodation. The flat we got originally was a bit of a mess but with lots of potential. It came with its challenges; the ceilings are high which means a lot of light but it’s difficult to reach the top during painting and if my smoke alarms go off, I’m stuck; plus it is an old building and has obviously been developed from what it was originally build as so we have awkwardly shaped rooms and corridors. But it gave me the chance to live my interior design fantasy (on IKEA and The Range cause student budget) but finally after a year of living here, we have finished everything!


I am very proud of my bedroom and it was probably the most exciting thing to do because all the decisions were mine. I actually adore my shutter-window mirror and vintage shelf beneath as my vanity area and the way that the ottoman fits perfectly in the window alcove. It’s personal enough but still slick so it doesn’t feel too cluttered and of course I’m happy with my black-white-red colour scheme.

2-2The living room is my other pride and joy because it has the amazingly huge window sill that had to be turned into a seat – covered in various cushions and my fairy-lighted bookshelf adds to the cosiness of my little reading nook. It makes me happy that I have my sister’s paintings on the wall too, like I always have her around. I’m happy to have a big cosy space to hang out and have people over!

The kitchen is the only thing I actually have a before and after picture of but here it is – small but bright and functional.


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