Best place to eat in Aberdeenshire | The Kilmarnock Arms

So out in Aberdeenshire we’re kind of in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do and have to make the journey into Aberdeen for any sort of activity. Especially in the north east of the ‘shire, all we seem to have are hotels and Spoons for pub grub.

However, hidden in Cruden Bay is the Kilmarnock Arms, and while there may be no phone signal in the Bay it is a pretty nice place to be and great if you like to golf. The Killie’s decor is very cosy, country lodge kind of vibes with tartan and fireplaces and wooden detailing, exposed stone bricks, it feels pretty relaxing. Over the summer I have kinda turned into a regular because all the family meals out seemed to happen there.

tumblr_oaqkbzvtr41r31h53o1_500Five spiced duck breast with kohlrabi and potato dauphinoise, red onion marmalade, red currant & orange glaze

I mean, just look at how good that is, and it tastes amazing too. Top tip: book a table if you want to go at the weekend because they tend to be pretty busy! The menu has varied a bit over time but they used to serve a baked goats’ cheese starter and I have dreamed about that meal a lot. I also recommend the scallops, risotto and the classic sticky toffee pudding.


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