Home Ain’t So Bad

I live in a small fishing town called Peterhead. It is right on the most north-easternly corner of Scotland.. right about here:


It’s the kind of place where everyone says they’d like to leave but few do. I would like to think I won’t settle my adult life there but at the moment I’m 50/50 at home and in Edinburgh. For an area that I wouldn’t say I love that much, it does have its perks.

We may not have very nice weather but Aberdeenshire is home to some really beautiful places, such as Pitfour Lake in Mintlaw.


It’s actually a really lovely lake and feels more like it should be an hang out for high school-ers in America, especially when we get the three days of sunny summer a year (I’m not even joking). If I had a dog, this would be where I walked it, but since I don’t I’ll have to just stick to Limonata and strawberry picnics with my gal pals.


Another pretty place that is on the total opposite side of the ‘Shire is Dunottar Castle, or what’s left of it anyway. A historical castle ruin on a cliff top, one of the settings in the play Sunset Song by Lewis Grassic Gibbon, a play that I studied for Higher Drama and did as a school show, so it felt important to visit it, despite a large amount of stairs to climb and the fact that you have to pay to go inside, it is a pretty gorgeous view to absorb.


I guess what I’m trying to say is even though it’s cold, smells a bit fishy sometimes and there’s not much to do, I do actually love my hometown – the home of my childhood, memories, family and friends. Though I may leave it one day, it won’t leave me (gosh, that sounds cheesy, apologies!)

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