Come at me summer!

I’m feeling a little restless right now and just really want it to be summer! I think it’s partly because I have so many things to look forward to, but also because I’m at that point in the uni semester that I’m feeling a little lethargic and uneasy because I’m somewhere between almost done and still so far away from the end. Gosh, that was really babbley but I hope you get what I mean. It’s a little unusual for me because this semester is the first time I’ve really felt homesick but I suppose that’s because I haven’t been home since Christmas (super excited for my trip home in a couple of weeks). So what is it that I’m looking forward to?

Firstly, the simple pleasure of being at home with my family, being looked after a little by my wonderful mother and having someone else to make dinner and clean clothes (not that I won’t also help with that). Being able to drive myself around again! And having almost instant access to my lovely friends at home who I haven’t seen in months. I’m looking forward to hopefully getting back into working full time and saving up some pennies. As much as I complain about my small town, north east living (because it’s cold and there’s not much to do), it is home. It has most of my family and long term friends and it feels normal to be back up there. And I’m excited for the weather to be… well I would say hot but that’s ambitious so we’ll just go with not cold (hopefully).

Technically not summer, but it’s close to it and I’m excited about it… But I’m going to London in April with my mama! We’re going on our annual pilgrimage to the West End and have tickets to see Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, The Glass Menagerie, An American in Paris, Kinky Boots and Dreamgirls! I AM SO EXCITED!! We’re also continuing the stagey nerd vibe by touring the Royal Opera House and Royal Albert Hall and have plans to hit up a botanic garden hiding in a skyscraper and a cocktail bar with drinks themed on children’s literature.

Then in May I’ve continued the trend of treating myself and I’ve only gone and booked my first gals’ holiday to Paris with my bestie, Hannah. Despite having only been there for Disneyland as a child or for one extremely limited day on a school trip, I know that Paris is one of my most favourite places in the whole world. I’ve been waiting for the longest time to afford to get myself there and to take it all in slowly and in the way I’d like to. Hey, half of the fun has been just in the planning of our trip. We’re gonna do Disneyland (of course) plus take in the Féerie Show at the Moulin Rouge as well as your standard touristy activities (you have to do it once!) and plenty of time set aside to just wander and soak up the city.

After that, as with every summer comes the finals of the Rock Challenge tour which means volunteering! (omg, Katie what the heck is RC?!) With events in Dundee and Grimsby to go to for the Scottish and Northern finals, it can get pretty exciting! I love tour time (which actually starts pretty soon for me with the Scottish heats!) because I get to see all my awesome friends, remind myself of the inspiration I have to study events and get to be part of something so fun, beneficial and life changing for young people.

August in Edinburgh can get pretty exciting because we have the Fringe and International Festivals, this could mean some working and some playing in the city. I definitely want to take a trip to absorb as much varied, crazy and cheap entertainment as I can but I think it would also be awesome to do some work there so I’m excited to see what event opportunities there are at my work which becomes an EIF venue.

I’ve also had conversations about possibly taking a wee trip to Belgium at the end of the summer for a little more sun and fun times with my favourite Belgian, Marion. She wants to show me around her amazing home town and to be honest I’m keen just to hang out with her and to eat all the food!

So yeah… can it be summer now please?

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